Briefly Speaking; Historical Occupants

Known Families Connected to the Sallie House:

Finneys | Hyatt | Barnes | Pomeroys | Bayes | Anderson | Humbard | Sallie| Pickmans | Fish |Liggett 

Briefly Speaking 
The links from this page will provide as much of the historical reference as we have been able to muster and atempt to locate answers to questions.As with most aspects of a time period in the past, there seems to be some very interesting ties and questions that come up concerning the individuals associated with the early years of this house.


Some families who have lived in the house have reported activity, other have not. All linked families above have ties to the house within the last 50 years. Click on any of the links above to learn more.


It is here that much of our research has been focused due to the extreme curiosity that was raised in unearthing a few documented facts and thereafter questions. For instance, Finney’s neighbor, Joanna Barnes was committed to, and released from a mental facility twice. Once she had been released to her neighbor, Dr. Finney. Why?


What was the controversy surrounding Mayor Finney’s arrest and ultimate removal from office. What did his eccentric lifestyle tell us? Why does Joanna Barnes divorce papers depict such a horrible marriage? Why does she remarry him? Who was really responsible for her son’s death by the gas left on in the house?


Timeline of Occupants/Owners of 504 and 508 North 2nd Street compiled by Debra Pickman and Jennifer Talbert. Find information specific to only the property that is currently listed as 504 and 508 North 2nd Street; the history of the land as it was settled, owned, fought over and built on.


City of Atchison, Kansas Would you like to know a bit about the history of this fair city? How did it get its name? Was it part of a slave state? Who were the first settlers and when did they arrive? Does this city lay claim to anything important?


State of Kansas

This link provides a timeline of events pertaining to the history of Kansas as well as the nation. This information can be utilized as a frame of reference when looking at some of the significant dates we note in our research.


Viewable Documents

Misc Documents

July 1901 – Sanborn Fire Insurance Map

June 14th, 20004 Property Information Sheet – Atchison County, Kansas Property Information Sheet on 508 North 2nd Street NEW


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