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Catherine (Calahan) Bayes

Born- abt. 1837 Missouri
Died- Aug. 24, 1905 age 70 Atchison, Kansas
Husband’s first name, birth, and death is unknown


Parents of Catherine (Calahan) Bayes

David Calahan
Born- abt. 1815 Ireland
Died- June 7, 1880 age 64 Atchison, Kansas

Wife of David/ Mother of Catherine is unknown

Children of David

Catherine Calahan Born abt. 1837 MO., Bartholemew Calahan Born abt. 1846 MO., Mary Ella Calahan she never married Born abt. 1850 ILL. and died April 16,1913 Atchison Kansas, Eleanor C. Calahan Born abt. 1858 Kansas. I am unsure what happened to all the kids.

Children Of Catherine Bayes

Nellie (Bayes) Farrell
Born- 1859 Atchison, Kansas
Died- Unknown
Marriage for Nellie Bayes/Bays (Spelling shows different for this entry on of North Atchison
On Oct. 9th, 1881 to Edward Farrell in a Catholic Chusch (unnamed). Edward was in the family grocery business in West Atchison

Birth and Death for Edward Farrell Unknown

Children for Nellie & Edward Farrell

Mabel G. Farrell
Born- abt. 1884 Kansas
Died- June 1957 Atchison, Kansas

Mabel G. Farrell married James H. Mullins on Aug. 6, 1913
Birth and death for James H. Mullins is unknown.

Children for James H. & Mabel G. Mullins
Edith Mullins, James H. Mullins jr., Dorothy Mullins, John Mullins, Eileen Mullins, two died young Helen C. Mullins died age 6, and Virginia Mullins died in infancy.

Edith E. Farrell sister to Mabel
Born- abt. 1885 Kansas
Died- unknown
she never married

*notes from Atchison Daily Globe on July 12, 1886

An article said a lady names Mrs. Farrell living at Noth Fifth Street became insane said her husband was a carpenter and was living in Leavenworth. And her two children were being cared for by their Grandmother.* by 1900 census Catherine Bayes has her two granddaughters living with her and even after she dies her sister Mary Calahan cares for the two girls so I felt this was Catherines daughter talked about in the paper.

*note from the Atchison Daily Globe – a 2nd story July 13, 1886 said Mrs. Farrell who was judged insane by Judge Locker yesterday afternoon was twenty-seven years old, and lived all her life in Atchison, Her name before she married was Nellie Bayes (CATHERINE BAYES DAUGHTER) It said evidence of her insanity occurred a month ago when she (Nellie (Bayes) Farrell) started BURNING EVERYTHING SHE COULD GET HER HANDS ON. ” SEVERAL TIMES STARTING SMALL HOUSE FIRES” Later she failed to recognize her husband and her Mother and would not let them touch the children.

*note: the name Nellie Bayes or Nellie Farrell has not come up in the EVP’s and she did not live in the Sallie house or the other house that I know of but her Mother Catherine Bayes was on some deeds so if Catherine Bayes ever lived in one of the homes then most likely Nellie and her children would have been in the house if nothing else but to visit.

*it is not being inferenced that the spirit of Nellie (Bayes) Farrell was the one setting the fires in the house while the Pickmans lived in it, but it is something to put on the back burner.

Sources: census, Atchison Daily Globe.

Please note genealogy is not 100% Names, dates, Birth Places can be wrong. Sometimes they used a first name on one census then a middle or nickname on another. Spellings are often off. Records referenced within this site can be backed up by census or other online records or references.

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