Announcing a New Affiliation; Survivors of the Dark

Tony and I are embarking on a new path; a branch of life after the Sallie House. We, along with Karissa Fleck have joined forces, experiences and knowledge to create a new group called Survivors of the Dark.

We are very proud to be a part of what we feel will be a movement to help those in need of care after a dark encounter or haunting. We are working hard to pull together, Investigative teams and individuals specializing in a multitude of Paranormal aspects, so that when someone is in need, there will be someone close for others to reach out to. If you are, or know a group that would like to participate, please visit our Facebook page Survivors of the Dark to get more information

Survivors of the Dark


At Survivors of the Dark you will also find prayers that work and people like you to mingle with so you do not feel alone in this. Please take a minute to read both our Mission Statement and Vision Statement below and then pass along either this link or our Facebook link to those who you love,  are and worry about; anyone you feel may benefit from our free services.


Survivors of the Dark Vision Statement:


Since exposure to the spiritual realm is such a negative influence and a lifelong burden, we aim to empower individuals with the knowledge, tools and authority of the spiritual world to overcome the residual effects of negative and demonic forces: to enhance one’s ability to survive, and to create a safe haven for individuals to heal and separate themselves from the significant oppressive symptoms they will encounter for the rest of their lives. With spiritual guidance, in line with a person values and beliefs, we mentor and educate those affected long after their experience .



Survivors of the Dark Mission statement:


A team consisting of Tony and Debra Pickman (Sallie House Haunting) and Karissa Fleck (The Horsefly Haunting). It is our belief that being victims of darker hauntings ourselves was all part of our greater calling. After the haunting is taken care of, or the survivors move out of the house, very few people even consider the residual effects the survivors will be dealing with in their personal life. It can be compared to PTSD as these individual have survived a spiritual warfare.

The after effects of living in a demonic haunting can be traumatic, go unnoticed, be intensified or misdirected by the existence of long-term attachment or connections that the dark energy has had with them. Pre-existing problems like emotional issues and insecurities are often identified causing undue influence on the relationships of the individual’s being affected. This is where people don’t often see the need or get the critical help necessary for survival.

As demonic haunting survivors ourselves, we see a need not being met in the paranormal community; a need for a team of people to act as a support group to those in need and to aid people in the lifelong recovery process. It is our goal and hope that by starting this team it will become a national team and support network for people who have survived a demonic or negative haunting and are learning how to live their lives again.


About Debra Pickman

After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at


  1. It was around Christmas of 2012,
    I entered into my personal hell.
    The theme to this season was called “Tortured”.
    This is where I was introduced to the world of the demonic.

    They entered as a polite ghost,
    Leaving handprints on the mirrors and windows.
    Objects in the house were beginning to move.
    I thought I was going crazy.

    In the dead of night, the sounds would begin.
    The banging, thumping and tapping on walls.
    It would always start at 3 a.m.
    The haunting hour I called it.

    If that wasn’t bad enough,
    In came the physical attacks.
    The pulling of my hair and scratches on my body.
    It was a daily event for two years following.

    Depression and fear were the songs I sang.
    I wished the Lord would intervene.
    Why I didn’t give up was my faith.
    I knew God had a plan yet still crying to be delivered.

    One thing I learned how to do was fight.
    I became a warrior against the enemy.
    The name of Jesus and his authority were my coat of armor.
    Victory came when fear no longer ruled my life and understanding it was in Jesus only and nothing in my strength.

    Today, I rest in the knowledge of God’s grace and mercy.
    I stood in the fire and learned I was going to be used for God’s glory. 
    Now I have knowledge in how to help those tormented by the devil to give them the same Good News… 
    The devil was defeated and Jesus won!

  2. Hi Debra im respectfully facinated by the spiritual realm, your story in particular. Ive always wondered, was the “sightings” footage of Tony being attacked recorded at the time? if yes, did you just choose not to show it (which i could understand).
    Kind Regards Josh Noon

    • Hi Josh,

      All the footage that was shot, was real. There were many things they filmed that simply didn’t make the final cut for the program when it aired. Unfortunately we never had any say in what was aired.

      Thank you for you question, and I hope I answered it OK.


  3. Just by chance I watched Ghost Adventures tonight and from there found my way to your website. Like Tony, I am a survivor and live with the knowledge that a negative entity or demon, if you will, has attached itself to me. My story is uncannily similar to yours. My two daughters also experienced multiple paranormal events and despite moving from our rental home, a year or so later we had activity again. My defense has been strong faith in God as my protector but there are still times when I feel the oppression take hold. I would really appreciate any advice or resources that you can share. I did contact a Catholic priest who, although skeptical, gave me some insights on how to fight back and it seems to have helped. I also have purchased sage blessed by a Native American which I’ve used to cleanse
    our current home. While I don’t dwell on it or live a life filled with fear, it is unsettling to know that I will never really be able to rid myself of this evil thing. Perhaps in your research, you have encountered other ways to find peace of mind. Thanks, Mary

    • Hello Marry,

      Sorry to hear about your ordeal. However I’m glad you have found the strength in religion and your faith in God as a weapon against the evil.

      To be honest we have yet to find anything that will completely rid us of the link we have with the dark entity we once lived with. We continue to protect ourselves, our home, family and possessions with prayer and the armour of God. Should you be interested in some of the prayers we use, please feel free to e-mail me at and I will attach them in an email reply to you.

      Keep you faith strong. It’s an every day vigil that we go thru to maintain our peace of mind and protection.


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