After Barbara’s Visit

Significant Activity and Unusual Photos


After Barbara’s visit we attempted to go about life as best as we could in a normal fashion. There were many weeks when there seemed to be no activity at all in the house which left us wondering if what we perceived happening was only in our minds. Then as if to reinforce the reality that it wasn’t, something strange would happen.

Sometimes the activity was very apparent; the television or stereo would turn back on after it had been off, timers on the electrical appliances in the kitchen would ring or the tealight candles in the bathroom would be unexplainably lit.


candle_finger_marks1candle_finger_marks2 Sometimes the activity was so subtle that we could have gone several days without recognizing it. A strangely melted candle on a shelf in the living room  was found one day while cleaning, and another burnt candle which had set in a sconce on the living room wall had what looked to be burnt finger marks at the base of the candle. Pictures that had hung on the wall were inexplicably be found turned upside-down and photographs developed days or weeks after taking them would suggest activity.





One such picture I had taken of the corner of the nursery where we had placed a box, on which I had placed a clipboard of paper and a box of crayons for Sally. Every few days I would write a short note to Sallie, in hope that we would again get a written response.
crayon_zoom crayon

I had looked at the picture, along with the others in the package, and saw nothing significant. I always got duplicates and would often leave the duplicate on the box for Sally. Days later Tony brought it to me and was curious about when it was taken. He pointed out that the crayon, which I thought was laying on the paper, was actually standing up on it’s pointed end. Upon closer inspection of it, a shadow could be seen, signifying that it was not lying on the paper.


Another set of photos left us feeling very creepy when we first saw them. I had proudly taken them of the baby’s room while stand at the nursery_blue2doorway to the nursery. The first one is a bluish swirling sort of mass, the second taken only moments later is another bluish mass which looked more blob like. There was nothing of this sort in the lens of the camera when I took the pictures and a third party, hired by Sightings, for authenticity, analyzed both of them. The professionals they enlisted were not able to recreate the effect.

When I sent the psychic, Barbara Conner, a copy of these photographs, she felt it was a good sign. She then explained that the blue color depicted love and happiness; that the swirling blue around the doll (which can be seen in the clear center of the blue mass) was her way of telling us that she loved her doll.nursery-marble

Another significant photo happened when I took a photo of the nursery room from across the hallway. It is a mass at the doorway and seems to have a marbleized appearance. This effect is also seen in the Christmas photos of 1993, seen later.

There were also a few odd anomalies in photos taken in the area of the stairs. One taken of the top of the stairs from the bottom, shows a wispy looking area. Upon closer inspection, this looks like a male figure in a uniform and perhaps hold a bayonet of sorts. The other is taken from the top of the stairs and shows a significant blackness in the area of the lower stairs.










Looking back I wish I had taken notes each time I took a photo to document the date and time. It would have been even better if digitals were available at the time; something I am thankful for in my continued documentation of the paranormal.


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After living in an extremely haunted location with my husband who was physically and mentally brutalized by an unseen force my husband and I became experienced investigators applying our knowledge to other locations. We continue to speak at events, conferences and on radio shows around the world. Contact me at


  1. Hi Debra and Tony,
    I am completely impressed with the website and your full accounts of your experiences while living in the Sallie house and after leaving the house. I grew up in the Atchison Area. I know this still has to be hard for you Guys to do this day and still have struggles that you go through everyday in life because of these experiences. I am in compete support for you and your husband. May God Bless you and Protect you in your everyday life.

    • Thank you so very much Jason,

      Although we don’t always have trouble as much as we used to, nor as bad, we are still affected quite often. I really glad you like the site. I am still in the beginning stages of rebuilding it, so I do hope you will check back again.


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