About the House

Written by Debra Pickman


The Sallie House haunting is in a class by itself. There have been full-bodied apparitions and objects flying through the air. Items have moved, been misplaced or lost only to reappear or show up later or at another location. Phantom furniture has been heard along with thumps, thuds, knocks, scratching, and the sounds of animals and disembodied human voices. Although some have been heard with the naked ear, there have been an amazing amount of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) captured, further depicting the voices of men, women and children. Many have experienced extreme smells. Lastly, and most famously, there has been physical harm to the occupants and investigators in the form of scratches, burns and cuts. Although the majority of these attacks have often been centered on Tony Pickman, there have been a few others who have also been the focus of the physical harassment.

Investigations into this house continue, but it was initially investigated by the television show Sightings back when Tony and Debra Pickman lived there with their newborn son in 1993. Numerous psychics have entered the picture in order to help along the way, including Barbara Connor and the world-renowned Peter James who has worked on the haunting of the Queen Mary for many years. Paramount Pictures, the Travel Channel, KQ2 News out of St. Joseph, Missouri, Channel 4 News out of Kansas City, Kansas, the Discovery Channel and the Bography Channel have all been involved in documenting this story since 1993.

Some believe that what exists in the house is evil. Some believe that the entities within the house are reaching out and in need of our help. Some believe that Tony is doing it all himself (which doesn't seem like a viable assessment when the activity continues without his presence). Some believe there is much more going on there than we can imagine, and yet others think it has all been a hoax.

A multitude of monitoring equipment has been utilized to help determine what is causing the strange occurrences in this small little house on the bluffs of the Missouri River. The equipment includes, but is in no way limited to digital and analog voice recorders, infrared and heat sensitive video cameras, electromagnetic meters, environmental meters and more. Many investigative groups have used dousing rods, crystals, and pendulums. Some have tried to set up controlled ESP situations to experiment with more possibilities. Since the activity seems to be constant, some groups dedicated to learning more about the paranormal have used the house as an experimental laboratory. They have obtained some remarkable evidence, not only expanding on the history of the house but also furthering the study of paranormal activity.

What started out as the simple haunting of one little girl named Sallie has developed into a growing list. Some think that over the years more entities have come to resided with the walls of this houses. Do they just visit, do they call the place home, or has it become a doorway to the other side where the spirits we encounter move on after their visit?

The commonality, or lack of commonality, of all the investigators involved or associated with this house is that we are all curious about the who, what, and why of the house and its occupants. Who is there, when did they live, what do they want, why have they stayed behind, is there something they need to share with us, and what would that be? How is it that spirits or ghosts are able to move objects, show us their likenesses, and speak to us? These are just some of the questions that come to mind and to which we all seek answers.

Most of the human race has an innate human curiosity about events we cannot explain. The scientific and logical principles currently being employed have not yet been able to explain many of the nuance's attached to hauntings, and all paranormal investigators have an overwhelming desire to do just that. We study them to understand these events. Each investigation gets us closer to the truth and its in the sharing evidence and theories of all those who are interested or involved, that we learn more about this and other hauntings.

For the reasons stated above, this site was Co-Founded and supported by Tony and Debra Pickman and Renae Leiker. We take pride in knowing that this website will provide the best resource on the world wide web for factual representation of the events, activities and experiences that this haunting, known by many as The Sallie House, has provided. It is also why we ask for your help, your input and your open-mindedness. We want you, the public, to have first hand knowledge, up to the minute details and a hand in the ongoing research to further investigate and understand this case.

At times this availability of immediate information, especially in the Forum, may not make sense, seem extreme or even fabricated, but we will stand by the factual nature of the experiences we have had and will openly continue to share with our members.

Although Tony and I have never owned the house and have not lived in the house since October of 1994, we continue to meets with others who have an interest in our experience and evidence. Up until 2007, Renae, Tony and I continued to investigate the house. We continue to work hard to make available, the experiences of others and the details of their investigations. Our ability to validate the factual representation of their claims however stops here. There is simply no way to validate the work of those you don't know without being a part of each group, knowing their standards of practicing concerning an investigation, or knowing the intentions and integrity of each group and its members. The details on third party investigations are provided within our website simply as a courtesy to interested parties and other investigative groups, and as such to the visitors of this website as we hope to provide as much of the available information as possible.

We hope you will join us in our collective efforts to continuously work to provide the most factual and authoritative information on this haunting.

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