A Gift for Sallie; Sept 1993

The Opening of Sallie’s Gift

A Boy Baby Doll


In September of 1993 and after Barbara’s visit, Tony’s brother and I got to thinking about this little spirit and how life must be cold and lonely for her on the other side; no real family, no hugs or cuddles and no special things of her very own. After a bit of talking we decided to buy her something as a sort of “we welcome you” gift and threw around ideas of what a little girl her age might like. We soon determined that a boy baby doll seemed the most logical choice especially since she had been so very fond of Taylor. That afternoon, his brother picked up a doll and gift card at Walmart and brought them to the house.


Thinking it would be difficult for her to take the tape off the box and the many twist ties off the doll itself, I did so and then returned the doll to the original package. I then closed the box, wrapped it with colorful wrapping paper and put it on the floor in the corner of the nursery which had been designated as hers.

The box sat there seemingly untouched for week after week after week. There were several times I had thought about unwrapping it for her, but hadn’t gotten around to it because I was also thinking that I wanted it to be something she did, if in fact she could. As a child, there is nothing more exciting than to unwrap a present.

One day, I walked into the nursery to grab a few supplied to change the baby who was with me in the master bedroom. After returning to the baby, I realized I had forgotten something and returned to the nursery. As I approached the room, I noticed something had changed but doll_in_cribcouldn’t put my finger on it. When I got to the doorway, I could clearly see what had changed.

Laying in the middle of the crib was the little boy baby doll that I had wrapped several weeks doll_in_crib1earlier. It certainly was not there when I had entered the room only minutes prior. I immediately looked over at the place in which I had set the wrapped box. And there it sat in the exact same place and position that it had been in since I set it down weeks prior.


I did not touch a thing, but waited for Tony’s brother to get home from work. I called him to explain what had happened and asked him to come to the house to observe and be witness to my investigating the box further. When he arrived, I carefully showed him the box and together we inspected the tapped areas to see if the tape had been released prior. They had not. I then opened one end of the box, whereas I found one of the flaps bent awkwardly outward.



As a meticulous person, I would not have allowed the packaging to be bent when originally replacing the doll into the box, not to mention that a bent flap would have made a noticeable bulge in the box, which would have been very apparent in the wrapping process?

This brought about a barrage of questions. How is it possible to remove something from its packaging and have no tell tale signs? How could the doll appear in a matter of minutes, where it had not been before? How hard was this for the spirit to accomplish? Had she been working at this task over the course of weeks? Was this gift for Sallie accepted as a peace offering?


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