Ray County Museum Investigation

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The The Ray County Museum was build in 1904 and served as a Poor House for many of that era. It was then a Nursing Home for quite some time before it became the home of the current museumin the 1970’s.  

There have been several document

ed deaths at this location through its colored history and each room is populated with a variety of time period artifacts. They alone could add to the paranormal activity on any given day!  Previous investigations have resulted in several unexplainable experiences and the captured of EVP’s, not to mention a visual anomaly on a thermal imager.


For this event, the pre-investigative meeting and tour will start at 6:00 p.m. to present the historical & haunted history of the Museum. The all night investigation will begin around 8 p.m. and run til
4 a.m.


Each participant will have the opportunity to investigate with investigators of Paranormal Task
Force and the Pickmans. You will offered some paranormal field training as desired. You are encouraged to bring your own equipment or sign out some of the hand held investigative equipment from PTF. 


Do not to forget to bring a a working flashlight!  


See you there