Pythian Castle Investigation in Springfield, MO

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11-11-16 7:00 PM - 11-13-16 4:00 AM
Springfield, MO, United States
Address: Springfield, MO, United States

The structure was  built around 1911 by the Knights of Pythias and it was use as a home for widows and orphans. Here dark secrets and tragic events went untold for years.  As it became 
 part of the Army’s O’Reilly Hospital Complex in 1942, even more untold secrets were created and kept. The castle served as the Service Club for enlisted men.  

During WWII the O’Reilly Complex also housed three or more wards of POW’s.  Many of
them were interrogated within the walls of the Castle and tales from visiting veterans over the
years sometimes tell of “not so happy” endings.

In 1947 the Castle became part of the Veterans Administration and a 500 bed tuberculosis hospital until 1952.  From that time forward it served as many uses until being bought by the current owner in 2003.

The castle has an eloquent charm, a mystic atmosphere and a mysterious past.