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The Competitive Media; Odd Obsession Tell’s the Sallie House Story

Media Coverage Sightings Televison Series  Heartland Ghost Movie by Paramount Biography Channel; My Ghost Story Unexplained Mysteries: When Ghosts Attack Discovery Channel’s; A Haunting Paranormal Witness Ghost Adventurers at the Sallie House  Travel Channel’s, Haunted Town Other Informational Media Links Radio Interviews   Overview of Media Coverage Shortly after our…

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“Sightings” Television Investigates The Sallie House

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Sightings Episode Guide Back to Media Coverage   “Sightings” Television Investigates The Sallie House Sightings, the television series, first contacted the Pickmans late in the summer of 1993 after seeing a California lecture at one of the universities on the paranormal. Their interest sparked communication with the Pickman via a third party…

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About The Official Sallie House Website

The Sallie House Story

The Sallie House haunting has been in a class by itself simply by the conditions that seem to exist. There have been, full-bodied apparitions, and objects flying through the air. Items have moved been misplaced or lost only to reappear or show up later or at another location. Phantom furniture…

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