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Christmas Morning 1993


Photographic Anomalies   Christmas 1993 was our first Christmas with the baby and while buying toys for Taylor, I often thought about Sally and how she would feel not getting presents on Christmas. I had grown fond of her and had been prodding her for the same sort of written…

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Pickman’s Christmas Party 1993


A Scary Christmas Party The week or so before Christmas, Tony and I had a holiday party for family, complete with all the trimmings: food, drink, games, gifts, and more. We had blown up a gross of balloons, most of which roamed the floors that evening. We had filled up another…

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Dead Cat A Horrible Accident?

A Normal Morning   One morning, during the spring of 1994, I got up for work and went to the dryer to retrieve an item or two I wanted to wear that day. I placed a basket in front of the dryer to catch any clothes as I fumbled through…

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A List of Specific Experiences; Pickmans Living in the house

So many Experiences   There have been so many experiences that the Tony and I had in the house. People sometimes find it difficult to easily locate the exact information they are looking for. Whether it is information that may relate to another investigation, something to correlate to an experience someone has had or simply…

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Tony Sees Sallie November 31, 1993


Tony’s Heartstopping Morning   As far as Tony was concerned, October 31st 1993 was a morning just like every other morning. He had worked the 3rd shift and got off at 7:00am. He had gotten home and gone into the kitchen to get something to drink before taking a few…

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Sallie Information

                        Sallie Isabel Hall This individual is included, not because she was connected with the house, occupants or any part of the haunting, but because she has been linked by preliminary research and a few early investigators who feel…

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