1st Psychic in the Sallie House Part 3

Barbara Connor’s Visit

Part Three


The conversation jumped to many general questions about ghostly activity. We began citing other strange things that had been noticed in the house since we moved in and answers concerning cold spots, mold (something we found on many items in the kitchen about two weeks before Barbara’s visit), seemingly self directed electrical equipment, and distinct smells, were each met with confirmation. At one point and almost instantaneously we all smelled cherry Kool-Aid. We discussed the other smells I had been privy to on a few occasions such as broccoli and perfume. We were told that she could bring us the smells of things she was fond of; that in doing so she was trying to tell us about herself.

I asked if Sallie would do things while others were in the house, she replied that she might but was most comfortable with us. Then as if getting direct communication as a result of my question, Barbara interjected, again with the persona of a little girl, ” I will show off for your friends if you want me to.” We all sort of laughed.

standing in the nursery

taken with an instamatic camera


My next question had to do with why does she do these things. Barbara said, “well, if she just floats through the air and walls, how do you know that she is around?” She told us that she did these things so we knew she was with us and so we would acknowledge her.

Barbara turned to Tony and told him that he had to make friends with her too. Tony acknowledged her words, but I knew what was going through his mind; “That will be the day, lady!” Later that week, Tony told me he would do no such thing and that the whole idea of talking to the dead, was creepy.

At one point Barbara was asked about the time period in which Sallie lived. She admitted that she had never been good at time periods. Tony had pulled out a picture he had drawn of a strangely vivid dream he had recently had. It was of a little girl in a blue dress with chestnut hair and boy sitting on the ground, but leaning up against a tree. “That’s a very good likeness of her”, Barbara told him, and then went on to explain that coming to us in dreams was another way Sallie could attempt to communicate with us. She suggested that we pay close attention to our dreams.


In the Nursery

When we invited Barbara up to the nursery, we all went up with her. All of us were in the room and soon, Barbara began breathing very heavily. When I asked if the stairs had been too much for her, she said “no”, then with a short pause and a slight change in her voice, “too many people in here. Get out!” Then in her own voice, she said, “She doesn’t like everybody in here.”

Barbara Connor

taken with an instamatic camera


Everyone, except for Barbara and I, quickly left the room and stood in the hallway. Barbara soon regained her breath and pointed to a corner, which was later designated as Sallie’s corner, and said, “she’s standing right there.” Whoever had the instamatic camera quickly snapped a photograph, and as it developed before our eyes, Barbara seemed to easily pick her out. Most of the rest of us could not.

As we stood there and discussed what toys we could make available to her and where we would put them, I asked if she could tell if Sallie was happy with the communication we’d had with her that night. In the apparent two dual conversations Barbara was having she said, “Yes, she’s really happy with this.” Then with a pleasant smile, she blurted out, “She’s really a lovely little child.”


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