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The Sallie House Haunting
A detailed account of experiences
by Debra Pickman
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The Sallie House EVP CD

over 60 clear EVP's captured during Tony's last visit and the bruttal attack on
August 18, 2007
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April 2014 We had an awesome time at the Gettysburg Conference this year. We meet so many new people; especially after the Panel we spoke on. Can't wait to go back!

3/26/14 8pm CST Wednesday Tune into for a 2 hour show on Dead Air Paranormal hosted on the Blogtalk Radio Network. Tony and I will be there to answer questions and tell all. Call and listen at 646-929-4366

2/19/14 8pm CST Tony and I will join one of our favorite people, Todd Bates, on his Haunted Voices Radio Networkfor a specialshow. Sure to be another great show, as usual, so be sure to join us if you can. Just click the link here and then the "Listen and Chat" link on the menu to the left of the HVRN website.

2/16/14 5pm CST Join Tony and Debra on The Darker Side of the Paranormal radio show for a 2 hour interview with Host Sean Austin. This should be a GREAT show.

11/25/13 New online articles that talks about the Sallie House in Atchison are now linked from our media page. Check them out here

11/15/13 Since the airing of Paranormal Witness we have had an out pouring of support and an unbelievable influx of emails, posts, questions, comments and requests. We certainly appreciate all personal communication and we ask for your patience as we try to answer each one of them in a timely manner.

11/13/13 Wednesday 8pm CST - Paranormal Witness aired, The Harpy, AKA the Sallie House story on the SyFy channel. The show did a good job of presenting more of Tony's experience with the demonic entity and that the house is extremely dangerous.

10/25/13 Friday 7:30-10pm Tony and Debra had a great time at one of Kansas City's newest business'the GOODLUCK! A Kansas City Conjure Shop locatedin the historic Westport area. 4 hours went by so fast.

Keep in mind After much debate and consideration the audio evidence CD of Tony's last visit to the house is being released. This audio is from the most brutal attack Tony has endured by an unseen force. Read more about the CD here.

About this Website

This website continues to be facilitated by Renae Leiker and Tony and Debra Pickman. It is dedicated solely to the haunting activities of the Sallie House during the time in which the Pickmans rented it, as well as the investigation they, and others have done over the years.

The many experiences of the Pickmans caught the attention of media and investigators alike and most everyone who has walked through the front door has had an experience to tell about.

This link will give you a general overview of this haunting along with some of the experiences people have had within this house. Over the course of approximately 20 years, there have been many who have explored and investigated the events of this haunting in an attempt to effectively explain what has often seemed to be unexplainable. Other than the Pickmans, Renae Leiker is the most experienced investigator in activity, EVP and evidence regarding this location.

Unfortunately however, there are others who profess and portray themselves as knowledgeable and experienced investigators who currently and knowingly jeopardize the safety of themselves and many other individuals with their continued haphazard activities within the house. They involve themselves only for the popularity, and the money they can make off the innocent and under-informed. They are dangerous entertainers. Beware!

The link below will provide you with basic history of the house as it has been presented in various forms of media and the goals of those involved with presenting evidence. They all mean well but remember that creative liberty can alter the factual representation of any set of events.

Within the website itself you will find original documents, transcribed articles, links to the investigations of others, YouTube links, an archive of radios shows regarding the house, and evidence galleries to allow you the closest possible look into this case. For the best travel experience use the navigation menu to the upper left.

About the House

The Sallie House haunting is in a class by itself. There have been full-bodied apparitions and objects flying through the air. Items have moved, been misplaced or lost only to reappear or show up later or at another location. Phantom furniture has been heard along with thumps, thuds, knocks, scratching, and the sounds of animals and disembodied human voices. Although some have been heard with the naked ear, there have been an amazing amount of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) captured, further depicting the voices of men, women and children. For more information about the house click here.


Multitudes of paranormal investigators and individuals have entered this house only to leave with extraordinary experiences. This link will provide you with a time line structured set of details depicting those investigations and experiences. You will find available 1st hand accounts of paranormal experiences, many historical references, documented and detailed research, EVP, video and photographic evidence. For more information click here

As well we try to maintain a comprehensive list of investigators and dates they have been to the house. (If you would like your group's efforts and/or evidence listed and linked to ours please contact us so that we may include you)

Built in 1872, this house has a tremendous amount of history; from the people who settled the land and erected its walls, to those who have lived in the house and walked through its doors. There is much to know.

In this section that you will also find controversial newspaper articles, census records, marriage certificates, the legal land description and abstracts, fire insurance maps and other scanned documents detailing relationships with the occupants, owners and other individuals connected to this house. Included here are also historical references from when the land was settled and up to the present day. For more information click here.

Who is in the House

Many EVP have been captured by Renae Leiker while involved with countless investigations in the house. This page will explain her theories on the multiple names or voices represented in EVP that she has recorded and the dynamics of their presence. For more information click here.

Informative Articles

Here you will find an array of articles to expand your views, not only on this haunting but the paranormal field in general. Perhaps you have an inpending interest in EVP or the equipment investigators use. Do you wonder what attachments are or how they can influence you or your life? Doing some research or just interested, this link will help. To check out the array of articles click here.

Rest in Peace

Died July 31, 2007
As a friend and colleague, he will be dearly missed!

Please take a minute to visit this link and sign a memorial guest book

Do You Have Plans to Visit to The House

This house is a demonic location. Attachments to visitors are not only common but very real. Please reconsider any decision to enter this location and know that you do so at great risk. We, and others no longer take this risk, as it is too difficult to battle the influences and residual effects of the entities in this house. We cannot continue to help those who do not heed this warning.


The EVP Gallery
Now Has Many Files

We are very proud to finally have a place to showcase EVP. Through this link you will have access to some of the best EVP captures obtained at the Sallie house and on the world wide web Submissions are welcome from other groups as well.

Like the photo gallery, the EVP gallery is keyword searchable for your convenience. Files are also set up and broken down into investigation date format, which will make it easier to find Evps captured during a specific investigation date.

What is EVP?
click here

Currently this gallery has over 200 photos for review. Each photo is tagged with ownership as well as a detailed description of the photo's significance.

Painstaking efforts have made the evidence gallery keyword searchable. Files have been grouped and sub categorized into dated investigation albums, and arranged in a chronological, and comprehensive order dating as far back as 1993.

When you step into the gallery you can comment and vote on the photos as well as send them to friends. So please feel free to take advantage of these options.

Submission of Your Own Investigation Evidence

We encourage and welcome any individual or group, who has done their own investigation, to submit their evidence. In doing so, you will retain ownership of all such submissions. Follow this link to learn more.

Debra blogs for The
Topeka Capital-Journal

Debra shares her paranormal perspective and experience in 21 blogs for The Topeka Capital-Journal Online. Check them out here

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